European JBI symposium of Evidence-Based Healthcare in Clinical Practice Guidelines, Decision making process and Evidence synthesis in the Czech Republic


Symposium programme in PDF

Collection of short communications and abstracts

12 December 2018

University Campus Bohunice, Pavilion A17, 4th floor, room 432

European Joanna Briggs Collaboration Directors meeting (Closed session)


13 December 2018

Hotel Continental, Kounicova 680/6, Brno

Time Keynote speaker Title
8:30–9:15 Registration/Coffee
9:15–9:30  Miloslav Klugar
(Czech Republic)
Conference opening
  Session 1: Methodology of clinical practice guidelines and systematic review

Holger Schünemann
Main keynote speaker

Unpacking the evidence that informs expert opinion: collecting evidence from experts transparently for trustworthy guideline recommendations (will be posssible to download after publication in BMJ Journal)
10:10–10:35 Miloslav Klugar
(Czech Republic)
Czech national project "Clinical Practice Guidelines" methodology and current results
10:35–11:00 Kay Cooper
(Scotland, UK)
Incorporating qualitative evidence in clinical practice guidelines: a Scottish perspective
11:00–11:25 Catrin Evans
(United Kingdom)
Establishing confidence in the findings from qualitative evidence synthesis: reflections on ConQual and CerQual

Magdalena Wladysiuk

HTA in relation to systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines
12:00–13:00 Lunch
13:00–14:36 Concurrent sessions
13:00–13:48 Session 2: Evidence synthesis
13:00–13:48 Session 3: Epidemiological analysis in CPG
13:48–14:36 Session 4: Evidence-based healthcare methodology
13:48–14:36 Session 5: Testing of evidence-based healthcare tools
14:36–15:00 Coffee break
  Session 6: Importance of evidence-based healthcare in decision making
15:00–15:25 Miroslav Ryska
(Czech Republic)
Pancreatic cancer – place of clinical practice guidelines
15:25–15:50 Arja Holopainen
Evidence-based practices in Finland based on nurse professionals‘ descriptions
15:50–16:15 Gerd Antes
Knowledge synthesis and implementation - the huge challenges of today and tomorrow
20:00 Gala dinner


Concurrent sessions

Time Speaker Title
13:00–13:45 Session 2: Evidence synthesis
13:00–13:12 Sakineh Hajebrahimi
Smart screening of prostate cancer: A new update
13:12–13:24 Jitka Klugarová
(Czech Republic)
The association between mode of birth delivery and attention deficit–hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review protocol of epidemiological evidence
13:24–13:36 Kathryn Hinsliff–Smith
(United Kingdom)
What new challenges might we face as we support our international colleagues, and students, to publish their reviews?
13:36–13:48 Lyndsay Alexander
(Scotland, UK)
Conducting initial telephone consultations in primary care: A scoping review 
13:00–13:45 Session 3: Epidemiological analysis in CPG
13:00–13:12 Tomáš Nečas
(Czech Republic)
Epidemiological analyses for preparation of Clinical Practice Guidelines related to Acute Coronary Syndromes in the Czech Republic
13:12–13:24 Radim Líčeník
(Czech Republic)
Epidemiological analyses to inform Stroke Clinical Practice Guideline Development in the Czech Republic
13:24–13:36 Andrea Pokorná
(Czech Republic)
Epidemiological analyses for Clinical Practice Guideline focused on the diabetic patients treated with insulin
13:36–13:48 Jan Mužík
(Czech Republic)
Epidemiological analyses to inform an early stage of Colorectal Carcinom Clinical Practice Guideline development in the Czech Republic
13:00–13:45 Session 4: Evidence-Based Healthcare methodology
13:48–14:00 Radim Líčeník
(Czech Republic)
Development of Czech National Stroke Guidelines
14:00–14:12 Julie McGarry
(United Kingdom)
Evaluation of an evidence based model of safeguarding clinical supervision within one healthcare organisation in the United Kingdom 
14:12–14:24 Jana Marečková
(Czech Republic)
Pilot project: Evidence-based methodology in education of future teachers
14:24–14:36 Grzegorz Proszczuk
(Wolters Kluwer)
Online resources from Wolters Kluwer OVID for supporting clinical decisions – Visual DX, Lippincott, databases
13:00–13:45 Session 5: Testing of Evidence-Based Healthcare tools
13:48–14:00 Ana Filipa Cardoso
Feasibility, appropriateness and meaningfulness analysis of the Sunfrail Tool to the European Portuguese population during cross–cultural adaptation process
14:00–14:12 Joanna Zając
Public media as a tool for dissemination of evidence based information 
14:12–14:24 Petra Mandysová
(Czech Republic)
Slipping through the cracks: unilateral neglect assessment
14:24–14:36 Dušan Krstić
Evidence-based clinical reference tools for improvement of healthcare


14 December 2018

Hotel Continental, Kounicova 680/6, Brno

Time Keynote speaker Title
9:00–9:30 Registration/Coffee
  Session 7: Evidence implementation
9:30–9:55 Bridie Kent
(United Kingdom)
Implementing research findings into practice: Frameworks and guidance
9:55–10:20 Teresa Moreno-Casbas
Getting guidelines into practice: lessons learned as best practice spotlight organization host
10:20–10:45 Judith Carrier
(United Kingdom)
Implementing evidence in local and global contexts
10:45–11:10 Heather Loveday
(United Kingdom)
The evidence for infection prevention and control – problems of design and implementation
11:10–11:30 Coffee break
11:30–11:55 Carmen Mazilu
The evidence-based implementation in nursing practice in the Romanian context
11:55–12:20 Malgorzata Bala
Guideline adaptation in Poland - first step in evidence implementation

For: The team "for" argues that systematic reviews should always be used in policy making – Kay Cooper (Scotland), Teresa Moreno-Casbas (Spain), Geurden Bart (Belgium)
Against: The team "against" will argue against this motion, that systematic reviews are not always appropriate in policy making – Jo Leonardi-Bee (UK), Heather Loveday (UK), Joao Apostolo (Portugal)

13:20–14:20 Lunch
  Session 8: Evidence synthesis and clinical practice guidelines in prostate cancer and testicular cancer
14:20–14:45 Marek Babjuk
(Czech Republic)
Clinical evidence and treatment recommendations in the treatment of localized and locally advanced prostate cancer
14:45–15:00 Deborah Edwards
(United Kingdom)
Men’s perceptions of the impact of the physical consequences of a radical prostatectomy on their quality of life: a qualitative systematic review
  Session 9: Education in evidence-based approach in clinical practice guidelines and evidence synthesis
15:00–15:25 Joao Apostolo
Evidence-based practice educational program: a Portuguese experience with undergraduate nursing students
15:25–15:50 Jef Adriaenssens
The Belgian EBP Program: network governance to improve efficiency and effectiveness of EBP uptake
15:50–16:15 Best presentation award and closing ceremony


15 December 2018

University Campus Bohunice, Pavilion A1, 6th floor, IBA classroom

GRADE Workshop